Southeast Asian Groundwater and Sustainability Advocacy and Outreach Program – SGWP

January 24, 2019



The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was passed in 2014.  This gave an opportunity for the local agencies to form a Groundwater Sustainable Agency (GSA). By 2020, a plan would be layout and implemented; by 2040, each region is to reach a groundwater sustainability level. If the local agencies are not successful, then the state will come and take over the process.

In 2018, the Department of Water Resource in the State of California funded the Asian Business Institute and Resource Center to outreach and bridge the gap between the local GSA and the Southeast Asian Farmers. The local region called the Kings Sub-basin is divided into seven GSA.  ABIRC is working in the North King GSA area. ABIRC’s primary role is to advocate for the small SEA farmers and disseminate information to the community.  These efforts include community workshops and utilization of both ethnic media – Radio and Hmong TV.  ABIRC partnered with Lao Veterans of America, Inc (LVA)., Special Guerrilla Unit (SGU), local Hmong Churches, and Hmong community leaders and has completed the following:

  • ABIRC has completed six community workshops
  • ABIRC have completed six community Hmong USA Network TV shows. This is a one-hour show that is called the ABIRC Hour.  Topics of discussion included the works of ABIRC within the community, SGMA process, and issues that are important to the community.
  • ABIRC has participated in five Radio shows with our partner at the UC Extension.
  • ABIRC has been invited to speak at three community events on SGMA.

The local GSA predicted that over one-million acres will be fallowed once the new plan is implemented. The questions posed, “what can we do to mitigate the negative impact on our local small SEA farmers?” Many of our SEA small farmers live in the city sphere but may farm in the County area.  In addition, most of the SEA small farmers are leasing, not landowners.  Some are elderly, with little-to-no schooling, rely solely on their farm to feed their family; and to send their children to college.

ABIRC is interested in hearing your thoughts and concerned. Please provide it below and ABIRC will contact you. Additionally, view our calendar page to see the detail of our monthly workshops and event.

ABIRC Community Engagement Workshop – 2.4.19 (Video filmed and courtesy by Mas Yaj)

ABIRC Community Engagement Workshop – 8.20.19 (Video Filmed and courtesy by Hmong USATV)